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Seventeen-year-old Francesca lives an extremely structured life. As an early high school graduate, she enters her first year at college in a school her father picked out for her, feeling trapped under his controlling thumb. James Rogers only wants to protect his precious daughter from his past, but it backfires when Francesca finds a portal to Neverland and gets thrown into a land of make-believe. 


In this world of dangers and magic, Peter Pan is far older than a child, Tinkerbell has secretly been Francesca’s life-long best friend, and the island is in shambles because of James—and it wants revenge. Francesca seems to be the only one who can save Neverland from its extinction, but how can she possibly be a savior when her father is the island’s natural enemy? Can James convince her he’s not the villain everyone makes him out to be? Where do you line drawn between enemy and family?

Neverland is dying. Francesca could be the key, but she was raised by the island’s nemesis—Hook himself. Will Neverland find her worthy?

Feathered Heart

A YA/New Adult Fantasy of 77,000 words