"She's got that good midwestern vibe and knows her memes."

-The way my internet friends describe me 


I've always loved stories. Ever since I was a kid, I was slamming out stories as fast as I could and became my class's top typist. Then, I went to college, got a degree in Professional Writing, and learned a thing or two about the craft. That education has helped me win some awards and complete a novel or two. By day, I work as the Marketing Manager and Content Writer for WeddingDay Magazine, the Midwest's most prominant bridal magazine. By night, I tap away at my next story.

I spent some time interning at The Seymour Agency and gained experience in the editorial world at GenZ Publishing. For two years, I worked as a literary agent at Cyle Young Literary Elite, LLC, and helped many of my clients achieve their publishing goals. Moving over to the other side of the desk, I dream of having one of my books on the shelf, too. 

BUT YOU WANT TO KNOW THE REAL ME, RIGHT? Not my boring professional self? Here are a few trivia facts about me that should help spice up this page. 

  • I share custody of a darling orange cat named "Aurene Momo Nutmeg Barley" (or Ori, for short) with my fiancé.

  • I travel a lot and love to collect sand from various beaches I've visited.

  • I'm an avid fanfiction writer. My claim to fame is a Marvel fic with 123k+ hits. (It also became a fan-produced and acted Podfic, which is basically my dream come true.)

  • I'm obsessed with uncovering the mysteries of vast things, such as the depths of the ocean and the distant universe, respectively.

  • Star Trek > Star Wars